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Vektroid is the brainchild of 21 year old Ramona Andra Xavier, an independent music producer, engineer, composer and graphic designer born in Washington State and currently stationed in Portland, Oregon. She has produced over 40 full length albums since 2005 and has actively released her music online since the age of 14. She has released four cassettes and a CD via Beer On The Rug and her work spans dozens of aliases including Macintosh Plus, Laserdisc Visions, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, New Dreams Ltd., PrismCorp, and many more.

Now a widely recognized figure within the electronic music underground, her work has been licensed for use by Tony Hawk's very own 900 Films production company, featured on VICE.com's THUMP, Anthony Fantano's The Needle Drop, Dummy Mag, The Chicago Reader, Ad Hoc, and many times on TinyMixTapes. Her mixtapes Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe and 情報デスクVIRTUAL - 札幌コンテンポラリー were in fact ranked by TinyMixTapes, respectively, as their 6th and 29th favorite albums of 2012.

Her combined projects have accumulated over 500,000 plays on Last.fm from over 15,000 unique listeners since 2010.